Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Hello 2013!

Happy New Year everyone!!!!

  I hate to wish away a whole year but 2012 wasn't the greatest! My husband, I'll just call him K on here, had orthopedic surgery in January.  He went back into surgery once because it was infected and he just  found out in December he has an infection again! It has been very hard and painful for him. It has also had an impact on our entire year. He cannot walk very far and we're both very worried they will have to redo the original procedure to rid his body of all infectious tissue.

It's also had a big impact on our general health. Before his surgery we were going to the gym almost every day. We also ate pretty well. His surgeries seemed to put a stop to all of that. I have been going to the gym more, aside from the holidays, but he he has only been able to go a couple days. And while I try my best to eat healthy, it just hasn't been happening lately. 

Okay, I'm done complaining. I also have many good memories of 2012 including our wedding reception and getting our puppy Reagan. Plus I enjoyed spending time with my family.
our cake and candy bar
Reagan taking a swim (I love her nose mohawk!)

I hope everyone enjoyed the holidays. Here's hoping 2013 is a great year.

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