Sunday, January 13, 2013

Kid safe candy bar

Our reception was in August, so this is a little late. I loved the idea of a candy bar for our favors. I found tons of photos all over the internet of different candy bar options. The only problem was that none of them seemed very kid friendly. I had many younger kids at my reception and I wanted something they could enjoy.

Most of them included glass. I was worried the glass could easily tip. Most of the photos included tall, unstable glass jars. I realize a lot of children can handle glass dishes. I was just a little worried about a table full of glass dishes filled with candy around small children.

Most candy bars also included unwrapped candy. I love little kids, but I know some of them would be tempted to grab a big handful of candy even if there was a scoop in the container. I have also seen many kids put back food items they did not like after it was in their mouth. I'm sure there are many children that do not do this, but all it takes is one spit filled jar of jaw droppers to ruin a candy bar.

Therefore, I looked for two things in a candy: sturdy containers and wrapped candy. I found many tin buckets in many shapes and colors at Hobby Lobby. Wrapped candy can be found many places. Party City seemed to have a lot of variety. I also picked up a few big bags of assorted candy at Target. I also found cute, striped, paper bags on eBay. I wrapped boxes in tissue paper to add levels to the table.

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