Monday, August 27, 2012


I've spent the last month mainly getting ready for our "wedding reception." We were married in December at the courthouse and never had any kind of celebration till now. It was very casual, but somehow seemed to still take some preparation and planning. It all went very well and it was very nice to see our families together. I'm sure I'll post some photos when I get them from my sister. All this wedding celebration made me think of a topic I heard discussed on Cosmo Radio. The subject was taking your husbands last name. I personally did take my husband's last name. I had a number of reasons, but one big one was that it made me feel like we were a family. I guess we still would be with different last names but it also makes it easier when we have kids. I would've been confused as a kid if my parents had different last names(they were not divorced till I was in college). I also had no attachment to my maiden name. My father is not a part of my life by his own choosing. The whole thing is a very long story, need less to say I was not wanting to hold on to my maiden name. I understand some people do and I guess it's a personal choice. Anyone reading this, what do you think? Should a married couple have the same last name?