Sunday, April 5, 2015

Off track

The last month has been a blur. My mom's longtime boyfriend (whom I saw as my stepdad) passed away very suddenly. He went to the hospital thinking he had the flu and was never discharged. They found a mass in his lungs in the ER and it went downhill from there. I won't get much more detailed on here ( for privacy) but it's been very hard on everyone. He was a great man and will be missed by many. 

My eating started going downhill about a week before this all happened. I got stuck in Texas an extra day for work due to flight cancellations. My options were limited and I was stressed so I ate poorly. 

At the hospital I ate whatever people brought. I have always found comfort in food. I've been a litte more on track this week and I plan to make sure I'm working out too. My health is definitely worth the work!