Monday, February 2, 2015

Motivated Mondays- Clothing

Kelsey @ Random Randts

This sweater. Maybe in a different color though. 
This dress. I love the color combination. 

Travel time

I've been traveling for work quite a bit lately and will be for the next month or so. It is really hard to eat well when traveling! I've done decent but I know there were many times I could've made better choices. Thnakfully I've been traveling with my coworker and she is pretty health conscious. I also find that I get in many more steps when traveling. 

We made sure we bought a pack of bottled water whe we landed. Or rental car this trip is a full loaded mini van, so we had plenty of room for it! We stayed at an Emmbassy Suites so we each have a mini fridge in our room. It makes it much easier to drink plenty of water and keep healthy snacks on hand. 

We've also had really nice weather this week. Monday the minivan display said it was 78 degrees at one point! I'm also enjoying the views.