Friday, January 18, 2013

Extra Money

 I think everyone can use a little extra money with this economy. One of the ways I earn a little extra money is by being a "secret shopper." Most of the secret shops are at electronic stores, automotive shops, and restaurants. Some of the shops even include reimbursement for products or services. For example, some automotive shops include reimbursement for an oil change or tire rotation.

There are several companies that hire secret shoppers. I work through Bestmark. I like this company because I am able to log on and pick and choose shops at any time. I have gone a while in between shops before and they've never dropped me. I get an email with available shops about once a week. I think you can change your personal settings so you do not even get emails that often. 

I'm writing about this because I think it's a great opportunity to earn a little money. I had heard about secret shopping before but never knew of a legit company that would hire shoppers. Hopefully someone reading this can also earn a little extra money too :) Click here to follow a link to the Bestmark application.

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