Sunday, January 13, 2013

One hour and a smoothie

I finally bumped my gym time up to one hour. I usually go to the gym with my 16 year old stepson. We don't actually workout together, he does more strength training and running, but knowing that he wants to be there an hour makes sure I stay the full hour. My husband tries to go with us when he can. The pain is his leg often holds him back from going to the gym.

I was craving a snack this afternoon after just having a brunch this morning. I knew I needed some more fruits or vegetables so I peaked in my freezer. I found some frozen mango and peaches and I decided to make a smoothie. I just threw some peaches, mango, almond milk, a packet of stevia, and a little bit of ice. It turned out very thick, just the way I like my smoothies.

Here's an odd looking photo of the super thick smoothie.

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