Monday, August 4, 2014


Note- This post was from several weeks ago and when I edited it changed the publish date :-) 

So, I woke Saturday morning to K saying something about the water. I didn't think much of it. He had woke up early and I wanted to sleep in a little. At about 8 I checked Facebook on my phone. I had messages from multiple people about water. I figured there was just a boil advisory, though I'd never seen that in Toledo before.

As I started reading I realized the news articles said not to drink, shower, or basically use the water at all aside from flushing toilets. They also stated pets could not drink the water either. I immediately went downstairs and pulled the dogs' water. 

When I turned on the news they were reporting on the shortages of bottled water already occurring. I also learned the water was deemed not drinkable due toxins from algae blooms in Lake Erie. Read more HERE. Luckily, K was able to get a gallon and some single bottles. My main concern was the dogs. 

Later the mayor's office said it was okay to shower. However, I ended up taking a shower at someone's house with well water. The water was declared drinkable today. I still haven't used it. I think I'm going to let the system flush out a little more. Also, I'm keeping some water because I doubt this is the only time this will happen.