Monday, September 2, 2013


K's surgery went well. He had a lot of pain, which is to be expected when you have an infected hip replacement pulled out. He is home now and cannot bear any weight on his right leg until after his next surgery in November.

The only problem with this has been that our house has tons of stairs. You have to walk up cements steps just to get the front door. He has been staying upstairs for now since the bathroom is up there. Angel already jumped on him once so we are trying to keep them downstairs till he is a little stronger.

We also had the fun of paying $200 dollars for one of his medicines since there is no generic offered. FUN FUN FUN. We also still have a pending charge from Hertz on our account for $200. When you rent a car there they hold $200 no matter what (even if you use a credit card). I had no problem with this as long as the charge was canceled. They are supposed to take the pending charge off within 1-2 business days (though I've gotten answers that varied) of when you drop the car back off. Well, it has been a week and a half since we dropped the car off and they haven't canceled the charge. When I call Hertz pushes the blame to Citi and vice versa. I was also told to call corporate, but they closed for the weekend about 20 minutes before I was told that. Moral of the story, I will not be renting from Hertz for personal reasons again. I don't use them for work very often either because they are usually fairly expensive.

Anyways, I am happy K made it through his surgery, even if it has been pretty stressful. My eating habits and exercise have definitely suffered. I have been able to walk the dogs with my mom quite a few times. Plus, I think I am focused more on helping K than eating because I'm bored.

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