Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Pool time

This weekend Toledo Unleashed group had a fundraiser at a pool. Toledo Unleashed has been trying to get an off leash dog park in Toledo for many years. They finally have a location and are pretty close to starting construction. I believe they just need approval from city council. The best part is the location is about a mile from our house! 

Reagan and Angel had a blast. At first they ran all over meeting the other dogs and hopping in the shallow end. 
As more and more dogs showed up we retreated to the deeper end. It was much less crowded down there. Both dogs took a couple minutes to decide it was okay to get in the deep end. Angel never jumped, she basically laid down and slid in. Reagan jumped in every time. She could almost jump out to where we throw the toys ( my mom came to help). 
I'm so glad we went and I look forward to the dog park. I will definitely be volunteering during the building process. 

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