Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Staying on Track

I've been a huge ball of stress for the last couple days. K's hip/leg is getting worse. Also, he goes to Cleveland on Friday for some pre-op testing and it is just making the surgery seem so real. Don't get me wrong, I want this surgery to happen so bad, but the idea of him going into surgery is never appealing. I'm starting to worry about stupid stuff like who is taking care of the dogs and will I have time to clean the entire house. 

I ate horribly yesterday. Well, not Five Guys or Pizza Hut horribly, just Panera with bread and a cookie horribly. One day is not going to kill me and I was doing better today. The am in trouble if I have more than one "cheat" day in a row. I also did not go to the gym yesterday as it was my planned rest day. Today I've already walked the dogs with my sister and I plan to go to the gym later. I also grilled some chicken and vegetable for dinner. 

The burgers were for K.

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