Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Random Facts

I had a great weekend including a night at my brother-in-law and sister in laws' house Sunday and Monday night at my mom's.

I then had to travel for work. I planned on blogging from the hotel, but the wifi sucked! I ended up just going to Super Target (why doesn't Toledo have one?!?!?!) and exercising.

So, here are ten random facts about me:

1. I always have to sleep with at least a sheet over me. I usually prefer if it covers my feet too except during the summer and then it can just cover the middle of my body.

2. I like to drink pickle juice. I really love pickles too.

3. I used to have a sheep named Beatrice. I showed her at fair and won Grand Champion in Internediate showmanship. I took her home after fair and she had twin lambs the next year.

4.  I usually just wear gym clothes all day since I work from home.

5. My favorite color is green and you would be able to tell that easily from my wardrobe and house. Well, more the items in my house than the house.

6. I don't have a gallbladder anymore. Gallstones are painful!

7. My mom is a fraternal twin and I really hope I have twins too!

8. I rarely wear makeup. I bought some for my birthday and I have barely used it.

9. When I drink water I hold it in my mouth for a little bit before I swallow it.

10. I cannot chew gum without blowing bubbles. I also tend to swallow gum that has a fruity flavor.

I'm pretty random in general.

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