Thursday, May 2, 2013

Happy Birthday Reagan!

Reagan turned one year old yesterday. Yes, I did celebrate my dog's birthday. My dogs are definitely part of my family and their birthdays are a good excuse to get them some new toys.
Reagan loves sitting on the stairs and taunting Angel.
She also likes to peek her head through this opening and the cat door to the basement. 
I did make Reagan a dog "cake." I probably will not do this every year. However, it was really easy to make. I found a recipe on pinterest here. I already had everything on hand, I just had to grab some cream cheese to use as frosting.

Reagan and Angel enjoying the cake. 

Reagan and Angel both got a toy. They got Kong Wubbas. I love these toys because they last so long. Angel loves to pull the stuffing out of every single toy and while she has destroyed one Kong Wubba it took her over a year. I bought one for each for them since Angel would steal Reagan's and they had a deal at Meijers. It was buy one Kong toy, get the second for $2.

I also took the dogs for a walk at the park. My mom, sister, and my sister's boyfriend joined us. The park was busy, but not too crowded. The Metroparks were something I really missed when I moved away from the Toledo area. There are many large parks, even within the city. All the parks are clean, natural, and have well marked trails. My favorite park is Oak Openings, but I also enjoy Swan Creek and Side Cut. If you are ever in the Toledo area I encourage you to visit one of these parks.

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