Wednesday, August 7, 2013


I'm traveling for work this week. Right now I'm sitting in my hotel room trying to fall asleep since I have an early flight. Chances are I'll probably just be really tired for my flight. Luckily, I used my miles to upgrade my seat. I was elbowed all the way here and I wanted more space on the way back.

I haven't flown first class since high school. I went to Spain with the Spanish Club. The travel agency tried to change the dates of our trip, but the contract said they could not change dates so few days prior to the trip. We ended up being the only school on the trip and the had to buy some of us first class tickets to fit us on the return flight. Luckily I was in the last half of the alphabet so I got to ride first class for an 8 + hour flight. 

Well, I should try to get some sleep! 

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