Sunday, April 21, 2013


My birthday was on Thursday. I turned 29. Last year of my twenties! K and I went to lunch on my birthday. Then my mom and her boyfriend came over for a little bit that night. Friday I had lunch with my sister. K and I went out to dinner that night too. We had Brazilian food for the first time. We both really enjoyed the food, especially the fried bananas. Tonight we're going over to my mom's house for dinner. We're having soup (chicken noodle and pizza) and salad.

I've had a really nice birthday weekend so far. I took Wednesday through Friday off work. I did not do too much, but it was nice to just relax!

My mom got me some Fiesta plates and bowls. We have cheap casual dinnerware from Target and I was looking for something a little better. After doing some research I decided I wanted to start getting Fiesta. I love the mix of colors and most of the reviews were very good. Plus, they make all kinds of assecories and its easy to add items without having to buy an entire set of dishes. I've already been on Macy's website looking at pieces many time, scoping out my next purchase.

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