Thursday, April 18, 2013

Animal Science

I have not talked about my job much on here. It was not completely on purpose. However, I probably won't discuss it too much on here. I like my job, but I'd rather just keep it at that. I've heard too many horror stories about blogging or other social media ruining someone's career.

I will say I work in the Agriculture field. I do not deal directly with animals or crops on a daily basis.

I originally wanted to be a large animal veterinarian. I went to Ohio State University (go bucks!) and studied Animal Sciences. After a 8:30 calculus class I quickly decided I could not make it through all the perquisites, highly selective admission to veterinary college, and the four plus more years of college. I decided to stick with Animal Sciences and ended up minoring in Agricultural Education.
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Why did I decide on being a large animal veterinarian in the first place? I was raised on a farm. My dad farmed row crops but we always had horses, sheep, and goats around. In third grade I was given a choice, I could continue with Girl Scouts or join 4-H. It was an easy choice for me. I had loved animals from an early age. 4-H it was.

If you've never heard of 4-h before describes it. "Since its humble beginnings more than 100 years ago, 4-H has grown to become the nation’s largest youth development organization. The 4-H idea is simple: help young people and their families gain the skills they need to be proactive forces in their communities’ and develop ideas for a more innovative economy." 

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Through 4-H I raised pigs, rabbits, sheep, and chickens over the years. I also took on photography, cooking, leadership, and gardening projects. I was even a camp counselor for several years.

When I entered high school I joined FFA. Previously known as Future Farmers of America, "FFA makes a positive difference in the lives of students by developing their potential for premier leadership, personal growth and career success through agricultural education ("
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Through FFA I not only showed animals, I also learned a multitude of life skills. I competed in a competitions including job interview, parliamentary procedure, public speaking, livestock judging, forestry, and many more. Additionally, I was a chapter officer, committee member, event organizer, and worked through my senior year as part of my agribusiness class. I also attended numerous leadership events and conventions.

While I definitely enjoyed college MUCH more than high school, FFA was definitely the best part of my high school experience. I would recommend either of these programs to any parent for their child. These programs are not just for farm kids. There are many projects and opportunities for anyone in both 4-H and FFA.

Was anyone reading this part of a club such as 4-H or FFA? 

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