Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Walk it Out

This was supposed to publish last week. I was trying to schedule the time it posted since I wrote it late at night, but I guess that didn't work out..

I went on a walk with my sister yesterday and it was soooo humid. I was sweating about after about the second step outside the front door. I don't think it helped that there wasn't much of a breeze either. I told her we should find somewhere to walk around that is inside and air conditioned. I don't think I could be a mall walker (too crowded) so I was thinking maybe the art museum. I wish there was an Ikea closer. They are huge and seem to be fairly empty during the week. The weekends are a whole different story.

I was messing around on Twitter last night. Follow me @ekaty84. I've had a Twitter account for a while now but I've never really got too into it. I started following Courtney from the Biggest Loser on Instagram and she had a Twitter thing last night during the episode of Extreme Weight Loss. Did you watch it last night? It was a very inspiring episode! Anyways, I ended up following more Biggest Loser contestants on Twitter. I found a great Youtube channel, My Fitspiration, by the winner and the runner up of BL Season 11, Olivia and Hannah.

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