Friday, June 20, 2014

Less money, more stress?

So, I'm a little stubborn and a little set in my ways. When I was single I paid EVERY single bill on time, had zero balance on my credit card, kept too much money in my checking account (as opposed to a CD or savings account), and was just generally pretty overly concise about money. Marriage has changed some of that. Some of that is OK. No one can go through there husband having four serious surgeries without stretching their finances. 

However, I've had a little trouble excepting that. I've REALLY been trying to accept that money is just money. It really hit me tonight. I was talking about medical bills with my sister and her husband. They have also had more than their fair share of medical expenses.  The conversation really made me realize you can't control EVERYTHING. 

Instead of just worrying about everything, I'm going to take the time to budget and save. I need to just know I'm doing what I can and keep in mind I can't control things that come up in life. 

I really want to find ways to eat healthier on a budget. I'm going to work things out the next couple weeks and have a budget set for July. Hopefully this goes well! 

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