Sunday, April 27, 2014

Keep on trucking

This week I flew to Philadelphia with my mom. We got a one way flight so we could help my youngest sister and her boyfriend move. They lived in a row house there with THE worst stairs.

Luckily, my sister had moved the majority of their stuff to the first floor. My mom and I mostly helped clean, put boxes in the truck, and disassembled furniture. I also helped drive my sister's car part of the way. They had a moving truck and her car, so they were also grateful to have a passenger when they were driving. It took us about 12 hours, with several stops, to get from Philly to Toledo.

I was really glad to be able to help them. It was pretty tiring though. We got back late Friday night and I am still tired!

The drive really made me think about all the times driving from Green Bay to Toledo. It was about the same distance. I do not miss that drive, especially going through Chicago. I like Chicago, but when you're just trying to drive through it sucks.

My sister has been running. She ran 3 miles before she picked us up for the airport. It makes me want to run. I just don't think I can be a runner. Maybe I should start walking more and build up to being a jogger.

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