Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Candy crushing

So, we went to Bob Evans today (Midwestern chain restaurant). There was a woman at the table across from us playing candy crush on her phone. No big deal, except for the fact that the volume was turned up so loud the ENTIRE restaurant could hear it. I admit I occasionally play candy crush. It's great at an airport or during those boring nights at a hotel. However, I NEVER have the volume on at all. Mainly because it is the MOST annoying music EVER. Imagine sitting through that an entire meal. 

It's funny because I hear complaints all the time about young people on their phones/iPads/kindles. Surprisingly, this woman was at least 60. She also left her purse and phone unattended while her and her husband went outside to smoke in the weather that feels like -2. So, winners all around! 

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