Wednesday, March 20, 2013

How I met my husband.

I have a confession to make. When people ask how I met my husband sometimes I hesitate to answer. We met on I'm not really embarrassed about it and I tell most people. I think I just remember a time when there was a real stigma to online dating. That really is not the case anymore. I guess in this day and age this is pretty common. Truthfully, I hesitate more with older people who have not been able to get on the internet all (or almost all) their life.
I had just moved back to Ohio after living away for school for five years and away for work for four years. I had a few friends from high school and college back home, but not very many. I had almost completely given up drinking due to the empty calories, so I was not going to go out bar hopping. On top of all of that I actually had regular hours at work and I had time to date. When I lived in Wisconsin for four years this was not the case. I worked six days a week starting at 4:15 AM and at times I had to work up to twelve hours a day.

At first I was against online dating. Then I started hearing success stories. One of my best friends even met her husband online. I decided to give it a try. Since I'm cheap and I was not sure about the whole thing, I decided to try the free dating websites first. I do not recommend this! My above mentioned friend met her husband on a free site. I think she is in the minority. I soon found out it is well worth it to pay for a site like The paid site members seem to be those that are really looking for a committed relationship. The free sites tended to be a larger number of men (and sometimes women) not looking for a relationship or anything resembling one. Not to say members on free sites are all bad, but I think most people end up moving on to the paid sites as I did.

Of course, as I think everyone is aware, you want to meet your date in a public location. My husband and I met at Texas Roadhouse. We talked for a while on, then texted, and then talked on the phone before meeting.

I would recommend online dating to anyone now. It's hard to meet people in this day and age. Plus, it's much better to meet someone online who you knows shares similar interests rather than meeting a random man at a bar.

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