Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Shutdown blues

So, without saying too much, my job is affected by the government shutdown. As in I only get a partial paycheck and possibly no paycheck in two weeks. Coupled with the fact that K is still on crutches and has his next surgery scheduled for November 5, it's been extra fun! 

I told myself I would workout more and deep clean the house. Neither of which has happened. I'm pretty sure this shutdown is going through the weekend, so I should probably buckle down. 

I happier news, I made a delicious crock pot roast beef tonight. I decided to try cooking the potatoes (for mashed potatoes) with the beef. I peeled them and put them in the crock pot for the last hour on high. I think they needed a little bit longer, but it seemed to work fairly well. The roast beef was made from this recipe: other than I didn't use ranch mix since I forgot to get dill weed for the DIY mix. 

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